What is the Royal Canadian College of Organists?
The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) is a national organization representing Canada’s organ community, including organists, composers, organ-builders, educators, choir directors, and others who share an interest in the organ and its music. Its members share the common goal of advancing appreciation for the organ as the “King of Instruments.”  All the details about the RCCO are available at rcco.ca.

What is meant by the Halifax Centre?
The RCCO is divided into many “Centres” located across Canada.

Who can join?
Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Anyone of any age or background who loves the organ is welcome and encouraged to consider joining the organization.

Meetings — When and how often do you meet?
The only formal meeting of the Centre is the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the first Monday in June each year and traditionally includes a barbeque and social time for which members are encouraged to bring spouses, partners, special friends, etc.

Apart from that, members attend the special events and concerts that are organized by the Halifax Centre Program Committee and take place around once a month throughout the year.

From September through to the end of May, the Halifax Centre Executive meets every 90 days or less as required.

How can I find out about organ events happening in the community?
You can browse through our list of upcoming events, and we now have a mailing-list (e-mail) to which you may subscribe. We will send you occasional notices about organ-related events and activities taking place in the community.